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AC Supply Services in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain


In Abu Dhabi & Al Ain, air conditioning is not an amenity, it is a necessity, which is why you can't trust just anyone with your AC installation and service. TIAC supplies the best AC units in all major UAE cities and offers installation with a full-year warranty so you never have to doubt where your cool air is coming from. Whether you are a residential homeowner or a large office owner or a building manager, we have the right AC solution suited for your needs.

Genuine AC Parts & Replacement Parts

If you need a completely new AC unit, TIAC can help you. We offer the best modern AC units that offer high efficiency and excellent dependability. TIAC has worked within the AC industry for decades, and we have experience with every aspect of the industry. Whether you need a new unit or replacement parts to increase the efficiency and lifespan of your current unit, we have your back. We will even come out to your business or home to deliver and install replacement parts for you.

TIAC All-In-One Solution

Unlike other AC companies that only produce parts or AC repair companies that only offer installation or repairs, we do it all. TIAC has a solution for every client, every time We employ engineers, technicians, inventory specialists, and workflow managers so that we can supply you with parts, replace AC parts, install AC units, and troubleshoot issues. When it comes to air conditioners: we know our stuff. In addition, we are proud to maintain and clean our systems so that they continue to run at their highest efficiency for you.

Enjoy a Refreshing Experience with TIAC

You know that feeling when you walk into a building and the chill of the cool air washes over you? We not only ensure that happens in your home or building, but we offer you a high level of service that is just as refreshing. Replacing an AC spare part or unit shouldn't be a hassle. We aim to make it one of the simplest tasks you will complete this year. If you need help with your AC unit or new parts, contact TIAC today.