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AC Supply Services in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain


Tiac offers AC supply services in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain where it has implemented many projects, government, civil buildings, villas, and malls. It has become the first company in the field of adaptation in all the cities of the UAE due to the availability of modern equipment, dedicated transportation equipment and a trained team of engineers and technicians. This is the main reason why tiac has established a new supply department. We have been working for years. We have experience in the field of water, Air conditioners, tiac company that cares for all its customers, in terms of distinguished services and high efficiency has made the client in a state of relief as he deals with our company, our company was established in the UAE and worked to expand and will work to try to serve the client is in any place.

With us at tiac we offer you services to supply air conditioners of all kinds through our company in the UAE We have engineers with experience in this field and we have a huge team of workers and technicians can do this job to the best. You just have to communicate with us and we will provide you the best services If you want to supply air conditioners you will find the best of our company in that area and we also have the air conditioning decoder service and we install and dismantle the air conditioners in all places inside Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, also, we can maintain and clean all types Air Conditioners. Contact us We provide you with a large number of specialized engineers and technicians in the installation of air conditioners, hotlines for quick access, many equipped branches, supply, installation, and maintenance. Maintenance of all air conditioners Split, center and nets at the best prices. We are fast, safe and accurate work, we specialized in AC supply services in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain